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Bopepor: BRC Certified Bopepor: IFS Certified

 Today BOPEPOR is equipped with modern and highly automated facilities, resulting from the high investment and the continuous seeking of improvement in our production´s process.



Mother pigs farms are the first important step to obtain a good quality piglet. In BOPEPOR we always take seriously the animals’ welfare and health.
BOPEPOR: Slaughterhouse


An innovative and exclusive slaughterhouse, 2,000 m² of high technology with a daily slaughter capacity of 5,000 piglets.

BOPEPOR: Cold store


The most innovative refrigeration technologies allow us to control the suckling pigs and their preservation before they are quartered.
BOPEPOR: Cutting room


In our 2,500 m² we bring the latest technology in robotic into line with the traditional hand manufacture.

BOPEPOR: Frozen store


We have a storage capacity of 2,450 pallets with a complete and modern traceability system to our disposal.

Tozal de Guara St. - Industrial Park Monte Blanco  (Next to N-232 Road, Km.  282)
50650 Gallur (Saragossa) · Spain
Phone.: +34 876 677 800 · Fax.: +34 976 864 921 · sales@bopepor.es